Solar System Walk

April 6, 2009

It was a great day for a hike. The sun was bright. Sandra Larsen and Jim Pierce walked through the one billionth scale model of solar system. Traveling faster than the speed of light (at scale), we visited the inner planets near the duck pond at Alton Baker Park. While passing Mars, we bumped into non-member Maggie Steel, who joined us out to Uranus. After exploring the inner planets, we crossed the bridge to the South Bank Trail and the gas giants… Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. Then we took the West bank trail to Neptune and on to the Owasso Bridge. It was warm and the concrete is very tiring, so we decided to leave Pluto out of this adventure. We returned along the East and North Bank Trails. Along the way we saw the eagle’s nest at Skinner’s Butte along with a couple osprey nests. There were over 20 western pond turtles sunning themselves. We saw several herons… one VERY close. We spotted four mallards up in trees and later four vultures perched in trees. Spring is here with about 15 kinds of flowers. In all it was a great hike.

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