Spencer Butte

August 26, 2009

We had a very good turnout for the final day of installing fencing along the West Trail on Spencer Butte.

We began about 5:30 by packing up the tools and fence posts and rails that wouldn’t fit in the power wheelbarrow. Then we broke up into very efficient small groups to tackle individual jobs. Some digging post holes, gathering brush, and others moving and installing signs, cleaning steps along the trail, and mixing cement. By 7:15 we’d accomplished our day’s objective of installing an addition post and section of rails to each of the middle two fences to help deter people from cutting the switchback.

Participants: Rick Burn, Bob Cherney, and Marie Dement (non-members); Dan Christensen, Janet Jacobsen, Jane Hackett, and Rick Ahrens; Jason Morrow and Christer LaBrecque (EPOS); Matt Bell (leader).

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