Spencer Butte

June 24, 2009

Wednesday evening four volunteers met with two City of Eugene Parks and Open Spaces staff to redo a little trail maintenance.

Unfortunately, some passers by didn’t appreciate the hard work our volunteers put in last month. On upper fence, they (vandals) loosened two of the posts we put and removed four of the rails and threw them off-trail and downhill. Fortunately, the bottom fence was left alone and no one was able to loosen any of the other posts on the upper fence.

We began by removing the two loosened posts and expanding the holes so that we could cement in the posts. While some cleared out the posts and post holes, Toshi and Janet brought up and installed signs on the fences to help people understand that the fences are their for habitat restoration. After getting everything lined-up we cemented in the two posts.

Because we had accomplished this so quickly, we went even higher up the hill and installed another section of fence cementing in both posts. Hopefully, by cementing them in it will be more effort than the average vandal is willing to do to remove the fence.

Participants: Matthew Bell (leader), Janet Jacobsen, Toshi Choden, Marie Dement, Christer Labrecque (EPOS staff), & Jimmy Miranda (EPOS staff).

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