Kitson Ridge

June 10, 2009

The Forest Service hadn’t cleared this trail for several years, so our hike was reconfigured for trail maintenance with appropriate tools and necessary safety gear. Kitson Ridge is southeast of Oakridge. Two miles of fairly steep trail climb to the top of the ridge with great views of Hills Crk. Reservoir and the Calapooya Divide beyond. We cleared a multitude of branches and about 15 trees from the trail, leaving only four trees for FS removal. Two miles felt like five. The trail ends at a logging road that follows the ridge eastward, and after lunch we walked to its high point, Cougar Mt., but thickening clouds denied us views to the east. Enjoying the results of our work as we returned on the trail, now easily passable, were Kitson Graham, Peter Graham, Effie Neth, and Rob Castleberry (leader).

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