Mt. Baldy - Trail Maintenance

March 28, 2009

Seven Obsidians met Jason of Eugene Parks and Open Spaces (EPOS) at 9 a.m. at the Spring Boulevard trail head of the Ridgeline Trail. After an overview of the day’s project and a brief refresher on how to operate the power-wheelbarrows we headed up the recently improved and re-routed Ridgeline Trail to the top of Mt. Baldy. Once at the top of Baldy we began the project of the day: rerouting 100+ feet of trail! Ed, Janet, Pat, and Matt cleared the sod along the new path identified by EPOS using pulaskis and hazelhoes. Meanwhile Joanne, Jim, and Dan went for their first loads of gravel for the day. Christer (EPOS) was waiting with a gravel truck on the private drive on the East side of Baldy. On one of Joanne’s trips up with a load of gravel her power-wheelbarrow began to emit a lot of smoke. Jason was able to fix the problem after determining that it was due to a rock being stuck against the belt and pulley on the machine. We were able to get the new stretch of trail completed by about noon. Ed worked very hard to “brush-out” and prevent future erosion of the trail section we were circumventing. Participants were: Jason and Christer of Eugene Parks and Open Spaces; Joanne Ledet, Jim Pierce, Janet Jacobsen, Dan Christensen, Pat Soussan, Ed Lizewski, and Matt Bell of the Obsidians.

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