Mt. McLoughlin

August 8, 2009

Six of us left the trailhead at 5:41 a.m. It was a cool morning, we all could feel the sting of the cold in our fingers as we hiked. The sun came up at 6:27 but we were still in the trees and didn’t get a good view of it. At 8:09 Bistra found a great place for a break, we had a good view of Fourmile lake as the sun shined through the smoke from the forest fires. Shortly after our break we hit the treeline and then the east ridge, we had a clear view of the summit. We were at 8200 ft, only 1200 ft. to go. We went at a leisurely pace getting to the summit by 10:10. The view was very smoky, but we could see Mt Shasta to the south and Crater Lake rim to the north. The winds were light and the sun was warm, it was a very pleasant summit. We spent 1:15 min on top.

We departed the summit at 11:20 and arrived at the cars at 2:50.

Climbers were non members Maria Gibson, Bob Kaminski, Mike Lowden, Charles Preppernau and members Bistra Hristova, Mark Slipp, leader.

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