Eagles ’N More

February 17-18, 2009

We left Shopko at 8am, traveling the Willamette Pass Highway toward Klamath Falls. The Highway was cleared, but it had snowed the night before. We had a rest stop at the Middlefork of Willamette Ranger Station, and then proceeded to our coffee break just above Oakridge at Greenwaters Park. Goodies were provided by our Hospitality Committee. Rick had prepared a video, which supplemented his always very interesting informative talk. We traveled on and just before Klamath Falls in a field to our left, were at least 20 eagles feeding. That was a first for our Eagles Trips. We had lunch at Applebees, where we picked up Ray Harris and a friend who had arrived by train from California. After lunch, we headed out for State Line area where we cruised around looking at all we could see. The White Swans and the Snow Geese seemed to appear in the biggest numbers this year. The Eagles and Ducks of all kinds, were beautiful as well. Late afternoon, we arrived at the Visitor Center, where people were able to make purchases and browse the exhibits and see a very short video. Then back out to see a little more before darkness set in. We then went back to the motel. The aroma of soup and later oven fresh cookies tempted some, while others went out to have dinner.

The second day started with a large continental breakfast. Then we left to see what we could see. Rick Ahrens and Rob King set up their scopes at several sites to see birds further away. About 10:30, we were back at the motel to check out. Then we went down on the Link River to see the beautiful birds and some went to the Favel Museum. We returned at noon to Applebees for lunch, then said our farewells to Ray Harris and friend, who had to wait until the train came through about 10 p.m. We headed back over the pass to Eugene, arriving by 6 p.m. Everyone had a great time and learned a lot and saw a lot—oh yes, on our way out of town, the eagles were still feasting!

Participants were members Rick Ahrens (leader), Barbara Beard, Paul Beard, Anne Bonine, Barbara Chinn, Sharon Cutsforth, Jim Duncan, Sharon Duncan, Pat Esch, Jack Ewing, Joella Ewing, Ray Harris, Lana Lindstrom, Richard Moffitt, Rose Marie Moffitt, Liz Reanier, Marian West and Mary Ellen West; and guests Donna Albino, Flo Alvergue, Lynne Baran, Beth Ann Bell, Marcia Berman, Joyce Churchill, Vivienne Friendly, Mia Funster, Lori Humphreys, Erla King, Rob King, Johanna Wieland and Doris Wimber.

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