Museum Walk

December 5, 2008

It was a sunny day for our walk from Amazon Community Center to the U of O campus in search of Obsidian connections. We walked a few blocks to the Masonic Cemetery to hunt for the Yoran, Collier, and Scott tombstones. Next stop was the Knight Library where we took note of the outside sculptures: Pegasus, The Seasons, the Tree of Knowledge, and the Fifteen Sentenial Library Heads. Inside we visited the Special Collections room to study the six panels in two carved murals: Trails in the Shadow of Hood, Halcyon Days at the Foot of Mt. Jefferson, Before the Spires of Three Fingered Jack, Mt. Washington, The Three Sisters, and Mt. Thielsen. One of the carvers, Art Clough, taught Lorie Cross who later made the carvings at the Obsidian Lodge. We gained a bit of elevation when we walked up three flights of stairs to view the glass Luminated Manuscripts. Dick Hildreth entertained us with filming location details for Animal House as we wandered through campus to the Natural History Museum. There we found the next Obsidian connection: hob-nailed boots in the shoe exhibit. That is what early Obsidian climbers wore to trek up mountains. After lunch at the Museum of Art, we toured the exhibits taking pause at the prints of the Sacred Mt. Fuji. Back out in the sun, we quickly walked back to our cars.

Hikers were Walt Dolliver, Jane Hackett, Dick Hildreth, Yuan Hopkins, Janet Jacobsen (leader), Jim Pierce, Ruth Romoser and Barbara Sutherland.

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