Ridgeline Trail

March 18, 2008

I volunteered to lead Barb Revere’s Ridgeline Trail car shuttle hike when she developed a bad cold. The night before the hike I listened to the beating rain and wondered if the one person still signed up for the hike would show. Somehow his telephone message didn’t reach me so the shuttle became a solo hike on the Amazon Headwaters and Ridgeline Trail. The pleasant bubbling of flowing water and the bursts of trillium more than compensated for the muddy trail. It was easy to see and hear why storm drainage is so important in the hills of Amazon Headwaters I met two women (one was barefoot) who asked, “Where are we?” Their car was at the Spencer Butte Parking Lot and somehow they were headed down to Fox Hollow. After I helped them find their way back to the intersection, I headed home. And thanks to Barb who got me out on a dreary day to be greeted by hundreds of trilliums.

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