Little Odell Butte

February 10, 2008

Overcast skies did not deter the eleven adventuresome x-country skiers from gathering at SEHS, loading into three cars and heading up Highway 58. Arrived at the “wide spot in the road” which is the entrance to Road 6020 at about 10:00 and were on the trail by 10:15. We took Road 6020 for about 1.5 miles then at the small blue “Butte” sign on the right veered towards unchartered territory. Chris marked his GPS, Mari checked the compass and we all consulted the map to determine the direction to head — west! Chris bushwhacked us around and up the Little Odell Butte to reach a road?! Which apparently IS the trail. The skiing became easier on the road and we made a perfect single track up and around the Butte. As we neared the top of the Butte, we weaved through small trees to reach an open area to have lunch — close to noon — with a view of the immediate area. Mari and Dave continued to the top (less than half-dozen zig-zags away), followed shortly by Chris, Jesse (on skate skies!) and Doug . . . then followed by Lubos (with one pole — broke the other in two!), Chrissy and Susan. Bea, Charlie and Laurie were content to be “that close” to the top. Of course, the trip down was much faster with a steady decent with a few trees/bumps to maneuver. Returned virtually the same route with just a little less bushwhacking. Appreciate the fun group of: Mari Baldwin, Lubos Hubata-Vacek, Chrissy Anderson, Susan Wanser, Bea Fontana, Dave Jensen, Jesse Rapp, Charlie VanDeusen, Chris Steele, Doug McCarty and Laurie Funkhouser.

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