Rosary Lakes

February 9, 2008

Five of us took off from Willamette Pass Ski Area and immediately encountered an icy trail and hard-crusted snow. The ice was slick enough that Mary couldn’t get enough traction with her skis and decided to ski closer to the lodge. After a long cold stretch, this was one of the first days of a change to warmer weather. As the temperature rose, snow that had collected on the boughs above began dropping all around us, breaking branches on the way down and landing with loud “harrumphs”. The sun was out all day, yet under any tree, it was like being in a drizzling rain. When we reached Lower Rosary Lake, we chose the north, sunny side to take a break away from the trees and eat our lunches. The snow on the trail had softened enough by afternoon that we had more control of our skis on the trip back down than on the icy trip up. We were still plagued with near misses by snow bombs, but luckily no one was hit. We met Mary back at the trailhead and all five of us had a pleasant ride back to Eugene in one vehicle. Skiers were Obsidians Laurie Funkhouser, Mary Hamilton, Carol Petty, Clare Tucker, and leader Brian Hamilton.

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