Mile Post 42

February 2, 2008

Da determined dozen defied daunting drifts. The schedule called for Diamond Creek Falls at Salt Creek Falls. The snowy forecast changed the plans to Eagle Creek Road. Icy roads, poor traction and being chain challenged forced one couple to give up. The rest of us retreated to a parking spot under 2000 feet elevation near Mile Post 42 . . . just six miles beyond Greenwaters Park.

There was no trail, but we found an old, overgrown logging road. The EASY snowshoe trip became challenging as we waded through a foot of new snow. We knocked the wet whiteness off saplings as we weaved through the obstacle course. There were also numerous fallen trees to climb over, under and around. It was a short and fun adventure.

Newly minted members Richard and Margaret Essenberg showed us how “bear paw” snowshoes work. Thanks to Jim, Brad and Jim for driving through the ice. Thanks to Myriah and Walt for breaking trail and finding the way through the maze. Completing the outing through the wet winter wonderland were non-members Myriah Marsh and Charlene Pierce. Members were Walt Dolliver, Richard and Margaret Essenberg, Jim and Kathleen Floyd, Bonnie Richman, Lynne Tracy and leader Jim Pierce.

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