Lakeview Mountain

January 27, 2008

With a fresh accumulation of snow on the ground in Eugene and more on the way, four members of our group drove toward the pass stopping in Oakridge to rendezvous with two additional skiers. From the Crescent Lake Sno-Park, our group of now six skiers broke trail through freshly fallen snow to Fawn Lake. We then continued cross country up toward Stag Lake and ascended the higher ridge south of the lake. As we approached the steeper flanks of this southeast ridge of Lakeview Mountain, we attached climbing skins and started the ascent, switchbacking steadily on up the ridge to avoid the steeper drop offs through ever deepening accumulations of new dry snow. Alternating the arduous job of trail breaking often, the group pushed on higher up the slope encountering increasingly deepening snow conditions. As the top of the ridge neared, faint glimpses of the mountain itself appeared through the clouds and blowing snow. With time pressing on, together with the long distance to the car, the group decided to head back. The return ski down gave the opportunity for some dramatic downhill Telemark turns through fresh powder, on the steep tree lined ridge above Stag Lake. Getting back to the parking lot fulfilled a long day of good skiing and good company.

Skiers were: Obsidians Rich Anselmo, Jan Anselmo, Deb Carver, John Hegg (Trip Leader), Sam Miller, and Harold Thompson.

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