Sand Mountain Plateau Loop

January 13, 2008

During our 9.5 mile journey to the base of Sand Mountain and return around the north side of Little Nash Crater, our group skied past signs nearly buried by snow. Yes, there’s plenty of white stuff in “them thar hills” this year.

We started with 12 skiers eager to enjoy a bright sunny day after weeks of valley clouds and rain. After two miles several members decided to return to the trailhead due to boot and blister issues. We missed their company but understood their decision. The remaining skiers proceeded to our lunch spot on the Sand Mountain plateau where we enjoyed sunshine and views of Sand Mountain, Mt. Jefferson, Three Fingered Jack, Mt. Washington, and the Sisters.

The final section via a northern exposure presented frequent challenges as the route was uneven and icy. However, everyone exhibited their finest survival skiing techniques and completed the loop.

Participants sharing this spectacular day were Bob Smythe, Mike Unsworth, Sue Wolling, Dick Hildreth, Mari Baldwin, Susan Wanser, Chrissy Anderson, John Cooper, Brenda Kameenui, Lubos Hubata-Vacek, Ann Hartheimer and Sam Miller (leader).

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