Salt Creek Snow Park

January 12, 2008

This hike met many of the goals the Youth Committee has been trying to do with family friendly outdoor activities. The word is out! The forest service said it was not going to “advertise” the new Salt Creek Snow Park, but when we arrived it was very busy. Unfortunately it was raining. We elected to drive up to Gold Lake Snow Park. It was for the best because the rain changed into snow. Salt Creek has new “outhouse” style bathrooms. I’d bring your own T.P. The sign off highway 58 is confusing. (one mile past tunnel) It says “closed.” However this is referring to the old restrooms by the falls, not the new snow park. I think kids in grade school would enjoy this area a lot. Teens would probably find the slope not challenging enough. The snowplow has only cleared out a single lane. Be prepared to back up.

Participants were: Aki Bryan, Keiko Bryan, Ken Bryan, Jewon Carp, Kenji Carp, Kiana Carp, Malia Carp, Ted Carp, and Scott Hovis, leader.

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