New Carissa North Bend

January 12, 2008

Obsidians cannot find Pacific Ocean

Well, it seemed that way. Leaving the valley rain behind, the Stalwart Six vainly searched for a route to the New Carissa shipwreck. On the way we explored Horsefall Beach Park, the North Bend Sandspit and overlook and Winchester Harbor. As instructed, we drove to the end of the road. Climbing steep dunes and bushwhacking through the dense coastal brush, our way was finally blocked by an inter-dune coastal lake. At one high point we could we the wreck… a mile away in the surf. The Pink Ribbon Brigade stumbled upon several historical ruins from World War II days. Along the way we saw elk, deer, seals and a dozen bird species including turkeys, wrentit and bufflehead.

The exploratory hike was exciting and fun. We will try again, before this Spring when the salvage operations start to cut the New Carissa up for scrap. Next time we will follow the satellite images where the route LOOKS easier. Enjoying “getting lost” were non-member Charlene Pierce and members Max Brown, Margo Fetz, George Jobanek, Nancy Whitfield and leader Jim Pierce.

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