McKenzie View/Bottom Loop

October 19, 2008

On a cold (46 degrees) Sunday morning, six hearty bicyclists left on a scenic fall ride north of Eugene. The weatherman (why do I listen to these people) had promised a sunny day with 64 degrees. We were bundled up for the cool weather and it was dry so had a very enjoyable ride. After going 12 miles round trip on McKenzie View we rode into Coburg for a pleasant lunch at the Wind-up Bird house cafe. Then we continued our ride on Coburg’s Bottom Loop and returned to our starting point at ShopKo parking lot-Coburg Rd. By then it had warmed to a balmy 52 degrees. Members: Sam Houston, George Jobanek, Ben Muir, Guy Strahon (leader), Judy Terry and non-member Kim Skukas had a very beautiful fall color ride.

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