Cape Mountain

October 19, 2008

A gray day in the valley makes for a great day for a hike! So our crew of five (including one drive-up, is there still room? traveler) headed to the coast to Cape Mountain in search of the sun. At the trailhead just a few miles north of Florence we discussed options & decided to scale the mountain early in the day, then head north and then down into Berry Creek before taking lunch at Nelson Ridge. The weather was mild as we trekked thru the fir, spruce and cedars. At times you could hear the surf hitting the beach even though its close to five miles away. We found a few remnant huckleberries and some oxalis to snack on, and a lot of mushrooms to view. As we came out of the canyon and onto the meadows at Nelson Ridge we were greeted by bright sunshine and a great view to the north of Baker Beach and the Siuslaw jetties. Some skin (mostly ankles and feet) was exposed to the fall sun and a leisure lunch was enjoyed. Then back up the trail where we heard, but could not quite see, a herd of elk in the draw below us. A frog, a snake and the end of a nice trip.

Hikers were members Jim Fritz, Pat Hutchins (leader), Moshe Rapaport, Susan Sanazaro and nonmember Diane Kurz.

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