McKenzie River Trail, Deer Creek to Trailbridge

September 23, 2008

The stretch of the McKenzie River Trail that we traveled was unknown to all of us and the weather was iffy, but we pushed on valiantly. What a wonderful fall trip! Marshall Kandell and Mary Morrison were my intrepid companions. We first hiked down river to view the Deer Creek hot springs, then set out to do a small portion of the 27-mile trail, hiking up river to the dam. The route follows the river closely and doesn't climb much and the surface is easy on the boots and feet. Our turn around point was the Trailbridge dam, where we saw some EWEB workers wrestling a large orange tub at the dam outlet; were they dumping it over the side or just moving it to a different area — we didn’t stop long enough to find out. We enjoyed many very large trees along our path, mostly Douglas firs, but also red cedar and alder. It was all very ferny and lovely in the crisp fall weather that we were afraid to expect. Barb Revere, leader.

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