Indigo and Chuckle Springs

September 21, 2008

The Middle Fork Trail on the Willamette River is beautiful any time of year, but especially in late summer and early fall when golden sunlight filters down through the trees. Our small group enjoyed a day characterized by intermittent sun and clouds and finally a few showers as we ended the hike. Because the trail roughly follows the route of the Oregon Central Military Wagon Road, we made the obligatory stop at Rigdon Meadows, then hiked three miles to Indigo Springs for lunch. We continued another 1.5 miles to Chuckle Springs before returning to our car shuttle at Indigo Springs. More water appeared to be flowing from the springs this year, perhaps due to the heavy snow-pack from last winter. Nevertheless, the stream crossings were negotiated without casualties. The hikers included members Jim Duncan, Sharon Duncan, Karla Rusow, Guy Strahon, Judy Terry and nonmember Mary Hickok.

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