Opie Dilldock

September 7, 2008

It was 85 degrees in the valley, and clearly summer weather. Fall, however had arrived in the mountains, and we had a crisp, windy, cloudless, PERFECT day. We had beautiful views to the north of the entire Cascades, with Mt Hood visible in the distance. We lunched at Collier Glacier View, with a dead on view, of what clearly is a receding glacier. I only regret that Laurie Funkhouser and Allan Coons weren’t there. They have made several trips on this beautiful hike in bad weather and have been regaled with stories of how beautiful it would be if they could see anything.

Hikers were members: Denise Butler, Jim Fritz, Dick Hildreth, Daphne James, Jim Pierce, Richard Romm (leader) and Ron Swisher; and nonmembers: Deb Brewer, Chris Molly and Tim Swallen.

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