Shasta Loops/Blackberries

August 29, 2008

Couple of weeks earlier the berries weren’t ready. A week ago, they were. This week, the berries were crying for people to pick them and we were only able to muster a group of five, one of whom came for the hike, not the berries! In past years, we’ve had at least 15 participants on this activity. Perhaps, the Labor Day weekend siphoned off our prospects. Weather was perfect for hiking, cool and overcast to begin with, turning sunny as we reached the berries. Squirrels and deer (including a fawn) greeted us on the upper North Shasta Loop portion of the hike. Coming up South Shasta Loop was a challenge, but we all made it just fine. . . then detoured at Spring to see the new information board put up for Olympic Trials visitors at the Ridgeline Trailhead. First timers in this area of the city are always awestruck at seeing the mansions (unfortunately, no one invited us in for a look-see). Hitting the gravel road, we passed the vineyard, which must be in its fourth or fifth year now and should start yielding crops next year. As for the berries, we all got our limits (as much as our containers could hold) and went off licking our red, sticky, sweet fingers.

On the hike were (all members): Ann-Marie Askew, Dick Hildreth, Marshall Kandell and Ann and Ed Lichtenstein.

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