Lillian Falls/Klovdahl Bay

August 28, 2008

Four eager hikers met at South Eugene High School at 8 a.m. under crystal clear skies. We got off right on time and had an uneventful ride to the trailhead. It was 10 a.m. and about 52 degrees when we headed up the trail. It didn’t take us too long to find signs that the trail hadn’t been maintained recently. On our way to the falls, we encountered several downed trees of various magnitudes. However, the group made good time in getting to Lillian Falls. As usual, the falls didn’t disappoint. We arrived early enough to beat the sun from coming over the treetops, so the water was evenly lit and spectacular as it wound its way via various paths through its moss-strewn environment before continuing a more leisurely pace down Black Creek. After ten minutes soaking up the view, we headed back up the trail and continued to encounter regular tree fall. When we got to the first of two stream crossings on the way to Waldo Lake, we also found that slightly elevated water levels had submerged some of the usual rock stepping stones. After crossing successfully, we encountered more blow-down on our way to the second stream crossing. This crossing also was more challenging due to high water, but again we met with success. We finally made the shores of Waldo Lake just before noon. The lake was spectacular, the temperature was perfect and the mosquitoes were absent. We all enjoyed the solitude as we ate our lunch. After lunch we were all thankful that we had 2200 feet of elevation loss to help us on our way home. We again completed our stream crossings with no falls (but a few unintended splashes). Everyone enjoyed the hike immensely, but were ready for the drive back through Oakridge (with a required Dairy Queen stop) before heading back to Eugene. Hikers included members Stewart Hoeg, Sachiko Iwasaki, Lamonte Smith and Sue Wolling.

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