Scott Mountain

August 27, 2008

After delaying the trip for seven days due to inclement weather, and with no additional hikers signing on for the trip, three of us departed for Maxwell Butte (Dick Hildreth, Melody and Jim Clarkson). We left Eugene with windshield wipers pulsing and with promises from the weather bureau for clearing conditions—they were wrong. Since Highway 242 was open, we decided Scott Mountain might be a better choice. The mosquitoes also approved of our decision and were gleefully airborne when we arrived. The trip to the top was pleasant, though the blow downs from last winter required some acrobatic maneuvers. For lunch we found refuge from the cutting wind and swirling fog by facing southeast, looking directly at the magnificent Three Sisters, except our visibility was limited to 150 feet. To return we decided to take the longer but less traveled trail via Hand Lake. The overgrown huckleberry plants, eager to offload their excess moisture, soaked our pant legs and socks. Our toes gargled their displeasure, but by the time we began walking along the lava flow, and through the beautiful meadows around Hand Lake, the clouds parted and presented us with a magnificent view of the Three Sisters.

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