Eddeeleo Lakes

August 26, 2008

After hiking in the heat nine days earlier, and then hiking in the cold and rain five days earlier, I and five others enjoyed a magnificent day in the Waldo Wilderness with temperatures starting in the 50s and climbing to the high 60s. The trail seemed to have undergone substantial erosion since last year and was still in good condition. We stopped to enjoy a view of the Sisters and then lunched at Upper Quinn Lake, We then journeyed on in search of the faint trail to Lower Eddeeleo Lake. We heard the outlet creek, but saw no signs of the trail, so headed back and stopped for another short break at Long Lake. Thanks to Smitty for keeping up with my rather fast pace and for several others for finding the trail when my internal compass went astray.

Hikers were: Carol Armstrong, Walt Dolliver, Paul Flashenberg (leader), Joanne Ledet, Robert Leppan and Lamonte Smith.

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