Crescent Mountain

August 17, 2008

Walking from the lower meadows up to the higher meadows was liking walking back into spring. Ferns and thimbleberry had overgrown all but the tallest flowers in the meadow valley, but in the highest meadows, the lupine, asters and beargrass were freshly bloomed and gave a wonderful perfume. Because of late snow melt, the meadows were displaying the full wildflower progression, from spring to summer, we saw too many flowers to enumerate here. The view from the top was lovely and included the Sisters, Husband, Jack and Jeff. Hood was lost in the haze. The trail is in great shape, with less than a handful of logs to step over. The Maude Creek bridge is broken down. The middle snapped under the snow load last winter and rests on the creek bed. It is very stable and is easily and safely crossed. The weather was not lovely — way too hot and humid (90s). Talk about sweat! We were all conscientious about drinking water and all rest breaks were appreciated. What a pleasure to find a cooler breeze welcoming us back to town.

Hikers were: Rob Castleberry, Paul Flashenberg and Barb Revere, leader.

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