Crescent Mountain

August 10, 2008

This wasn’t Opie Dilldock, as originally scheduled. The closing of Hwy 242 made that trailhead inaccessible. Opie Dilldock (make a note of it) has been rescheduled for 9/7. This wasn’t the Broken Top Circuit — the initial substitute. (Residual snow along that route made for a questionable journey.) However, it was a perfect day (on Crescent Mountain)! Ellen Sather got us in a proper frame of mind with coffee, muffins, and a ho-hum view of the McKenzie. Her hospitality is always a high point. We had great weather, a strong group of hikers, beautiful wildflowers, and ample views of the mountains, from Diamond Peak to Jefferson. It was my first trip on this trail and I highly recommend it.

Hikers were: Denise Butler, Laurie Funkhouser, Richard Hildreth, Daphne James, Ellen Johnson, Steve Johnson, Richard Romm (leader), Ellen Sather, Tim Swallen and Elle Weaver.

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