Indigo Springs through Paddys Valley

August 9, 2008

Perfect conditions for a hike-a cooler-than-usual summer day. Seemed to be more water crossings than last year, and a muddy, boggy portion as we were exiting Paddys Valley. Very few mosquitoes (we had heard that other trails were full of them). As last year, variety of environments from deep woods with burbling river to higher and dryer areas. Hikers included leaders Chuck Eyers and Julie Dorland, members Wayne Cleall, Beth Roy, Daniele Delaby, Pat Soussan, Sachiko Iwasaki, and Dick Hildreth, and nonmembers Leigh Almack, Estelle Sweet, John Bright, and Art Kearney. Sadly, 20 plus people wanted to go on this hike, so there were several disappointed members and nonmembers. Thanks to drivers Beth Roy and Daniele Delaby and to Dick Hildreth, who provided assistance to the leaders.

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