Horsepasture Mountain

August 2, 2008

We all agreed that the 360 degree view was worth the hard pull to the top. The forested skirts of the Three Sisters were close enough to touch — almost. Bachelor, Washington, Jack, Jefferson and Hood were all on view in the very clear air. Nevertheless, after arriving at the summit and saluting those eight peaks, we all sat down and tucked into lunch — facing south towards familiar Diamond Peak. Afterwards, Beth, Wayne and Dick used a map to identify many of the minor peaks. The flowers at the top meadow are fading fast, the lower meadows were closer to peak bloom. Overall, we saw three kinds of lily, plus columbine, lupine, wallflower, and so, so many others. Many different butterflies flitted around us as we ate lunch. The trail is well described in the guide books: short and steep, especially the last few switchbacks. We found a swarm of wasps or hornets beside the trail about three quarters of the way up the top meadow. They weren't aggressive, but there were a lot of them. The trail is also badly overgrown in the lower meadows. In some areas, the footing is rough with rocks, holes and other obstructions — all hidden by vines, shrubs and flowers. We all took extra care. Road 1993 is drivable, but partially obstructed with rock slides and tree fall. Before heading back to town, we stopped at Delta campground and hiked the half-mile old-growth trail. We welcomed Lisa Cunningham on her third hike with the club. The three other nonmembers, all on their first Obsidian hike, were Karl Skoog, Robert Leppan and Peggy Dodd. All four agreed to come back and join us for more outings! Club members included Beth Roy, Wayne Cleall, Marshall Kandell, Robert Sundt, Dick Hildreth and leader, Barb Revere. Many thanks to Beth and Lisa for driving. Special thanks to all for being cheerful, appreciative, responsible and helpful, making this a very safe and fun outing.

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