Blacklock Point

August 1-3, 2008

Seven of us trekked along Oregon’s most remote beach on a joint trip of the Salem Chemeketans and Eugene Obsidians, helping to update a “100 Hikes” guidebook for the Oregon Coast. How remote is the New River’s beach south of Bandon? Reg Pullen, the BLM staffer who waded the river with us and piloted our route through snowy plover closure areas, assured us that only 50 people a year hike here. Even the well-marked, primitive BLM campground where we set up our tents between the grassy beach dune and the lazy New River sees perhaps a dozen campers a year. We saw a plover, a seal, and lots of flotsam kelp. On the second day we hiked past Floras Lake’s kiteboarding center into the coastal forest of Blacklock Point, where we camped on a spectacular headland surrounded by seastacks, tidepools, and more untrod sand. Cape Blanco’s lighthouse flashed our tents every ten seconds at night. Participants were leader Bill Sullivan (Chemeketan and Obsidian), spouse Janell Sorensen, Scott Hovis (Obsidian, completing his second qualifying Chemeketan hike), Obsidian Becky Lipton, Chemeketan Mona Knapp, and guests Tom Warner and John Bander.

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