Kentucky Falls/North Fork Smith River

July 20, 2008

We had been informed that a slide blocked a portion of the North Fork Smith River trail. However, we had varying accounts of where the slide occurred. Given this uncertainty, we talked with the group outlining various possibilities and arrived at a group consensus. We hiked down to Kentucky Falls and then continued about two, or so, miles down the North Fork Smith River trail. We thought that perhaps we had actually hiked past the slide area (an upended tree with a path created around it). If we did hike past the slide area, then clearly the entire hike would have been possible. In any event, a perfect day for a hike, sunny and warm (but not hot). Kentucky Falls was lovely. During the drive up to the falls, we saw many wildflowers, including foxglove, tiger lily, and fireweed. The agreeable group included leaders Chuck Eyers and Julie Dorland, members Sue Meyers, Carol Armstrong, Susan Sanazaro, Daniele Delaby, Yuan Hopkins, and Lena Houston, and nonmembers Don Colgan, Joe Tyndall, Marla Norton, Sheila Guilder, and Leigh Williams. A special thanks to drivers Don Colgan, Carol Armstrong, Lena Houston, and Julie Dorland.

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