Full Moon Kayak/Canoe

July 18, 2008

The first “full moon” kayak at Smith Reservoir was very successful and we did see the moon — once we got back on the highway! Thanks to Sam Houston, everyone had a kayak; good thing as no one volunteered to swim. Sam caught eight rainbow trout (catch & release) as we all paddled to the picnic site. Once on land Daphne James built a great fire. She was also good enough to have a birthday. Marline brought the most delicious tiramisu cake from the Sweet Life Bakery. We had a beautiful twilight paddle back to our cars. Sam saw osprey training its young to dive for fish. The rest of us must have been thinking about cake rather than being observant. Thanks also to Daphne and Dick Hildreth for making the evening go so smoothly.

Floaters were: Marline Drescher, Caroline Forell Dick Hildreth, Sam Houston, Daphne James, Diane Kurz, and Ellen Sather, leader.

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