Hunts Cove/Cone Peak/Iron Mtn

July 13, 2008

The crew congregated at South Eugene to discuss a change in destination due to Detroit Forest Service’s report of deep (6–10 feet) snow at Hunts Cove. After a brief discussion, made plans to head to Iron Mountain and Cone Peak. . . we were off! Reached the busy parking lot shortly before 10:00, geared up and headed to Cone Peak. Accompanying our group, courtesy of Richard Romm, were Rob and Mady of the Chemeketans who were well versed in identifying the flowers along the trail. And, the flowers were blooming, including larkspur, paint brush, Oregon sunflower, avalanche lilies, linen, and more! The clearing/meadow near the top of Cone Peak was filled with color. As we continued on the trail to circle Iron Mountain, the temperature was rising — 90s? — so the tall trees offered relief! The final zig-zag up Cone Peak was hot but tons of blooms and a touch of snow. Scattered remnants at the top were all that remained of the lookout. Rested and ate lunch while taking in the views of Three Sisters, Jefferson, Washington and Hood. (Judging from the smoke, Hood probably had a forest fire). Completed the circle, with one minor, short-lived, directional, snafu, to return safely to the cars. A great trip! Thank you to: Brad Bennett, Dick Hildreth, Rich Romm, Denise Butler, Mardel Chinburg, Annette Gilmer, Jennifer Holderman, Rob and Mady Kimmich.

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