McKenzie Waterfalls/Clear Lake

July 12, 2008

Four cars carrying 10 members and 5 nonmembers parked at Sahalie Falls. Hot and Sunny. So after reuniting a little boy with his parents, we looked at the falls and then headed up-river, crossed 126 and circled the lake counter-clockwise—to do the exposed, sunny portion before it got too warm. We lunched at Great Springs, then continued on to the lodge for another break (and ice cream etc. for some). Then we finished circling the lake, back across the highway and did the falls loop. As usual, the falls and lake were lovely and a couple of the hikers had not seen these before. I had listed this trip as being eight miles; Thanks to Brad’s GPS, we now know it to be 9.3 or “nine”. Nonmembers were Rick McMonagle, John Bright, Kate Perle, Kevin Jones, and Sandor Lan. Members were Richard Sundt, Paul Flashenberg, Brad Bennett, Sally Bennett, Sue Meyers, Dan Christensen, Yuan Hopkins, Daniele Delaby (thanks for being “sweep”), Sue Wolling, and leader, Ed Lichtenstein.

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