Salt Creek Falls

July 10, 2008

Seven hardy souls met in the parking lot of the Very Little Theater. After introductions and money exchange we departed Eugene for Salt Creek Falls. After a brief potty stop in Oakridge we arrived at the falls, geared up for the trail head. But wait, the bridge to our trail head was damaged (too much snow last winter). So we had to resort to PLAN #2: Hike down to the bottom of the 286 ft. Salt Creek Falls, although some only made it half way down, Jim and I hiked to the bottom what a treat. If you get a chance try it out, the wind, water mist and rainbows are all around you. Unfortunately you can only record the view in your memory because the wind and water mist make it impossible to take pictures. Back at the trail head we still had lots of time left so we tried PLAN # 3: Try to get across the damaged bridge to the trail head. So we volunteered Jim to be the first to test the integrity of the bridge, he succeeded and the rest of us followed. We had lunch and passed the famous TOO MUCH BEAR LAKE (no bears spotted), and on to the bottom of 100 ft. Diamond Creek Falls. Since the return loop is not as scenic, our attention turned to identifying wildlife, plants and flowers (candy stripes, bear grass, Oregon grape, and a Stellar jay). Any items we were unable to identify Jim and Barb helped us out, including (as per Jim) a fresh bear paddy. We were back at the trail head by 2:30 and someone suggested we deserved a treat, so off we went for ice cream in Oakridge. Members: Charles Durham (leader) Jim Pierce (co-leader), Ruth Romoser, Barb Revere, Marshall Kandell, Nonmembers: Love Opincar, Jim Robertson.

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