Pre’s Rock

July 3, 2008

I don’t know if you’d call it a true pilgrimage, but a dozen of us hiked up to Hendricks Park and then to the memorial for Steve Prefontaine, where his sister, Nita Prefontaine, awaited us, along with her grandson and granddaughter. As others joined us, swelling our number by double or even triple, Nita reminisced about her early years with her younger brother, his high school and UofO days and how his legacy is being carried on in a variety of youth programs. She graciously answered questions and posed with people for photos. It was a wonderful few moments and many of the bystanders who stumbled upon the presentation also thanked us (I tried to collect nonmember fees from them, but had to settle for laughs and thank yous).

The remainder of the hike was much like the one reported for June 27. . . except we lost hikers along the way as a couple went to visit an ailing Marriner Orum; a few went back to the campus and some went to Studio One for a late breakfast.

A special thanks to my two co-leaders: Janet Hall and Dan Christensen. Others on the hike were: Jackie and Richard Acuff from Corpus Christi TX, parents of high jumper Amy Acuff; Bryan Acuff, Amy’s brother (who flew and trained into Eugene late the previous night from Houston); Diane Marsh of Portland; member Dick Hildreth and his track athlete daughter Emily, who just graduated from UC San Diego; and members Marshall Kandell (leader), Joanne Ledet, Kathy Lindstrom and Jim Pierce.

On behalf of the club and myself I want to extend our sincerest “Thanks!” to Nita Prefontaine for making this a very special event.

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