Linton Lake/Proxy Falls

July 1, 2008

This “Introduction to the Cascades” hike was originally designed to take Olympic Trials visitors to Little Belknap Crater, giving them an up close exposure to the McKenzie Pass lava fields. Closure of the McKenzie Highway at the Alder Springs gate, due to snow and bridge work, we diverted to this scenic, easy hike into Linton Lake and Proxy Falls. It was a beautiful, sunny, day with only a few patches of snow remaining. Many wildflowers were in bloom along the way, including rhodies, penstemon, anemone and fawn lilies. Plenty of lava was present as well for study by those not familiar with it. Our visitors seemed to be excited about every flower, rock formation and lichen, taking seemingly hundreds of digital photos. Co-leader Jim Pierce proved his expertise to identify many of the plants and rock formations along the way.

Upper and Lower Proxy Falls were spectacular, especially with the Spring snow runoff continuing in full force. It’s wonderful to have such beautifull Falls within easy access of the trailhead. Linton isn’t an especially attractive Cascade Lake, but the relatively short hike in provides an excellent exposure to the Cascade Forest environment.

Jill Evers and Joan Ludtke, teachers in Michigan, were the Olympic Trial’s visitors who joined us for this hike. Eugene newcomer Jim Robertson, who took a membership application with him, also joined us. This pair of hikes would be highly recommended for both visitors and newcomers, as well as locals seeking a short, but scenic, outing.

Hikers were: Dan Christensen, Jill Evers, Joan Ludtke Jim Pierce, Ruth Romoser and Jim Robertson.

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