Amazon Headwaters, Raptor Center

June 30, 2008

For introductions, each of us shared how long we had lived in Oregon and from whence we came. Out of the 17 hikers, there were six native Oregonians with others migrating from the Midwest, Texas, Arizona and California. Our two Olympic guests from Michigan, Jill Evers and Joan Ludtk, are high school teachers and coach track. It was a pleasant hike up Amazon Headwaters Trail to the Raptor Center. For several locals, this was their first visit. The shady pavilion was a lovely place to watch the handlers, Louise Schimmel and Kit, display two barn owls, an American Kestrel, turkey vulture, and Swainson’s Hawk. The cameras flashed away. Boston visitors, Chris and Cohn McCardle arrived late. They had read about the hike and amazingly were able to make their way to VLT, Martin Street, and up the trail to the Raptor Center. They are members of the Appalachian Hiking Club. After the presentation, we ambled through the grounds and gathered at the yard. Kit brought out a young Red Tailed Hawk for us to watch while we sat in the yard. Our two Michigan guests headed out first since they were going to run back to campus. With the 19 hikers, we contributed $80.00 to the Raptor center.

Participants were: Rick Ahrens (co-leader), Kristina Brooks, Megan Brooks, Victoria Brooks, Jill Evers, Richard Heinzkill, Chard Higgins, Carolyn Higgins, Kathy Hoeg, Dee Johnson, Joan Ludke, Mary Morrison, Sharon Piper, Jim Robertson, Ruth Romoser, Mary Schearffs, Chris McCardle, Cohn McCardle, and Janet Jacobsen, leader.

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