Lillian Falls/Goddard Nature Trail

June 29, 2008

Six intrepid hikers left Eugene on a Sunday for the Lillian Falls hike. We arrived at the trailhead, which is located 24 miles n.e. of Oakridge. The mosquitos were glad we finally showed up and wasted little time in sampling our blood. The hike itself was very rewarding, shady, and with diverse old growth forest. There were numerous types of wild flowers (identified by Anne Montgomery and Jim Pierce). The walk to the falls is only 1¼ miles, but it was especially nice this year due to the high volume of water. We returned to our cars and then drove back ½ mile, stopping at the Joe Goddard Old Growth Nature trail. This is a short stroll through a grove of trees, some of which are over 600 years old! It is ironic that an Oregon logger is responsible for saving these trees for posterity. When the rest of this forest was being harvested for timber, Joe Goddard suggested to the forest service that they set aside this small section so people could come and view a true stand of old growth. Our group marveled at the size and beauty of these trees. Thanks Joe. We then drove back to Oakridge and had lunch at the A&W. Our group included five Obsidians: Jean Coberly, Anne Montgomery, Jim Pierce, Guy Strahon and Judy Terry. One non-member, Kim Skvkas, joined us for the day.

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