Pre’s & River Trails

June 29, 2008

Was it the heat? Or are there just a lot of people who like to get up early and go running? Or is it the aura of Steve Prefontaine hovering over Alton Baker Park. Whatever, four of us joined the 7:30 a.m. procession along Pre’s Trail, single file most of the time to let all the runners pass by. It was noticed by one of our group that everyone seemed unusually pleasant, greeting us with smiles and genuine “Good Mornings.” Starting from the duck pond, we skirted by the Science Factory and Autzen stadium, circled the lake and envied the serene vistas of homes along the waterway. We then returned via the River Trail, with a short detour to enjoy the Willamette from the Autzen Bridge. Enjoying the early hike were members Marshall Kandell, Kathy Lindstrom and Ruth Romoser; and nonmember Judy Ness.

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