Deception Butte

June 28, 2008

Four people signed up for the trip, however, two cancelled and one was a “no-show”. My one survivor was a great companion and a very fit, swift hiker (If you are slow, blame the heat and call the rest of the group “fast”.) We had a beautiful, but very warm day. The relocation of the trail has been completed. It now starts a short way up Deception creek road and proceeds about a mile on the Oakridge fitness trail, then goes left up Deception creek, eventually crossing a new bridge. This adds about one mile to the overall length of the hike. About here the hike gets serious. Lots of steep. Many rough irregular sections and fairly long stretches with serious drop offs. It’s not a dangerous trail but one that might test the nerves of an acrophobic. The broad summit has a great view westward. No mountain Panorama, but a nice wide view without clearcuts. This is an interesting hike with a wide variety of vegetation and trees. (When I don’t know the proper names I just call everything “wide variety”.) The happy hikers were: Marianne Camp and Ed Lovegren, leader.

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