Mt. Pisgah Summit

June 28, 2008

We had one out of town guest, Tamera Adolph, who was in town to visit her mother who resides in the Eugene Hotel. Judi Kandell recommended our otrials hikes to her. Thanks, Judi! Bonnie Richman, Margaret Prentice and I had to share Tamera between us. The trail was hot and dusty and full of people — some fit and some decidedly not fit. All were puffing heavily in the heat. We took it slow. Nice view at the top. Today was “Snake Day” on Mt. Pisgah. We saw a snake, no rattle on its tail, head only slightly triangular, but with the tweedy pattern of a rattler on its skin. The snake darted out in front of us and then slowly slithered away as we discussed what kind it might be and as I fumbled for my camera. No picture! On our way down from the top we talked to some young women who had spotted a snake and they were afraid to continue up any further, until we assured them the snake wouldn’t come after them. That snake had longwise stripes. We also saw: a deer, scared out of the brush by a hiking party ahead of us; at least one mosquito; and many butterflies, none stayed still long enough for us to see them well.

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