Pre’s Rock

June 27, 2008

I guess you could call this a dress rehearsal or a dry run. On this first of two scheduled Pre’s Rock hikes, we had no out-of-towners signed up. Jim Pierce joined leaders Marshall Kandell, Dan Christensen and Janet Hall for a brisk walk from Very Little Theatre and up 20th Ave. to Agate and then up 19th to Fairmount and Hendricks Park. After a short rest stop, we continued to Skyline Drive and the memorial to Steve Prefontaine, adorned as always with tributes from runners and admirers of all ages. The downhill return along Birch offers magnificent views of the Eugene/Springfield area and a look at impressive forested homes in an area most Eugeneans never visit.

An added bonus at the bottom of the hill was the wonderful exhibit of track & field in action figures in Fairmount Park crafted out of tree limbs and branches. Starkly simple in appearance, they must have taken a tremendous amount of time and creativity.

Returning to VLT, we paused just briefly at the SportHill tent at 19th & Agate and, had it been an hour or so later, we might have given Prince Puckler a visit. We were all looking forward to doing it again the next week, when we had visitors signed up and excited about making their Pre Pilgrimage.

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