Spencer Butte

June 26, 2008

Unfortunately, we didnít have any Olympic visitors sign up for our hike to Spencer Butte. Hikers on Janet Hallís Spencer Butte hike the previous week picked up trash the Butte would look its best. Unfortunately, it was even more trashed out today. Some folks must have had a wild party on top. They even painted some rocks lower down on the trail with blue verbiage: FU STATE. Another hiker thought that had something to do with the Fresno State baseball win but we were not so sure about that. We picked up the trash and wished for plastic bags, gloves, and a shovel. Ruth happily shared her bottle of hand cleanser. We took a side trip down the main trail to see the new causeway built over a seasonal stream. A local stone mason who specializes in traditional Scottish dry stone masonry (stone construction without the use of mortar or cement) did a spectacular job. It should last for decades.

At the Fox Hollow lot, Dick took off for an additional four mile hike over to Baldy and down Spring. I picked up an empty six pack of Obsidian Stout to carry down the trail to my car. Hikers greeting us on the trail must have thought we were very happy Obsidians. Next stop was Cafe Yum for lunch.

Hikers were: Pat Esch, Dick Hildreth, Ruth Romoser, Ellie Weaver and Janet Jacobsen, leader.

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