Kentucky Falls

June 24, 2008

The myriad roads in to Kentucky Falls have grown new potholes and the old ones have worsened, but we forgave all because the wildflowers along the road were stupendous! Iris, lupine, rhodies, columbine and foxglove saluted us as we bounced by. The trail was in great shape, with many wildflowers clinging to the steep canyon walls. Veteran hikers among us agreed that the falls were not as full as expected — but we were still wowed by mist and thunderous noise. We were dismayed by the daring group that arrived as we were leaving, who hopped across the creeks to the base of the North Fork Falls. We didn’t stay to pickup any pieces! We could hear the shrill squawk of American dippers, even over the roar of the falls, but never spotted one. Weather? Every hike leader should expect such weather! Sunny by the time we arrived and not too warm — we were glad of the tall forest that shades the entire trail. We had two nonmembers, Bruce Swenson, of Eugene, and Delacie Barney, of Springfield, who were as thrilled with the falls and the hike as the rest of us. They readily took the membership forms I handed out.

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