Spencer Butte

June 18, 2008

We hiked from Martin at the end of Amazon Dr. going up the trail to meet the Ridgeline Trail, across Fox Hollow Rd. and up to the top of Spencer Butte. We had hoped to find butterflies to greet us at the top as June is suppose to be the best butterfly observation time in that area according to the book “Finding Lane County Butterflies” by Neil Bjorklund, but it seems the weather has been too cool for them to be out. If you want to find butterflies go in the late afternoon if you can. We did see one immature butterfly on the way down (i.e. a caterpillar). Another good book to have is “The Guide to Butterflies of Oregon and Washington” by William Neill. It has good photos. I use Neil’s book to locate butterflies and William’s book to help with identification. There are other good books available.

After dining atop the butte, Jim and Janet J. collected litter in their lunch bags. Janet got quite good at picking up trash with her walking sticks using them somewhat like chop sticks. Very impressive. It was a most enjoyable day with nice mild Oregon weather and good friendship.

Hikers were: Janet Jacobson, Jim Peirce and Janet Hall, leader.

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