Tamolitch Pool

June 12, 2008

With Clear Lake still in the grip of winter snow, we turned to Plan B — a hike to nearby Tamolich Pool, where the heavy spring snow melt and run-off had transformed the usual “dry” waterfall (since the river usually goes underground at this point) into a picture-postcard thing of beauty — a real “wet” waterfall that poured into the turquoise pool. Accompanying the waterfall, like family offspring, were a few small side tumblers.

We began our trip with a quick visit to Sahalie Falls. Always a powerful force, it was a booming dynamo that caused spray and mist to rise high enough to create rainbows.

Oh, and let me say something about the weather. Leaving Eugene in 39 degree chill, we were all prepared for frigid temps at 4,000 feet. Turned out to be shirt-sleeve weather, warm sunshine, cloudless sky. The temperature when we returned to our cars was in the mid to high 70s.

We had a large group of 14 hikers, half of them nonmembers. All in all, it was a joyous, perfect Oregon hiking day. The only problem encountered was getting everyone roused from their lunch and sunbathing break at the pool for the hike back. Thanks to Jim Pierce and Pat Hutchins for helping out with the driving.

Members included Joan Abel, Pat Hutchins, Marshall Kandell, Norma Lockyear, Jim Pierce, Margaret Prentice and Barb Revere; nonmembers were Ralph Core,Pat Endicott, Gary & Kate Herse, Cathy McLaughlin and Darlene & Robert York.

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