McKenzie View bike ride

June 8, 2008

We rode bikes along the river bike path to Crescent Av. in order to avoid as much traffic as possible. It was a lovely day and we saw the usual assortment of birds along the way. We took Crescent to Coburg and Coburg to McKenzie View. The ride along McKenzie view is nice as it rolls up and down and has turns, sometimes approaching the river and at other times moving away from the river. When we intersected with Hill Road we turned right to meet Old Mohawk Road and then Marcola to turn right again on Hayden Bridge Road to 35th where the bike path begins to take us to the Pioneer Parkway bike path. When going down 35th the path is well marked so don’t take any turns till you see the sign for the path. We completed the ride along the river bike path to end in Eugene.

Participants were: Jim Clarkson, George Jobanek, Ron Swisher and Janet Hall.

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