Washburne/China Creek Loops

June 7, 2008

Despite a week of rain and dark clouds (and some rain enroute to the coast), we enjoyed a day of fine hiking weather... cool, no wind, occasional efforts at sunshine and just a drop or two of moisture to remind us that lunchtime was over. The tide was as low as I've ever seen it, with lots of rocky creature-covered outcroppings to explore that are normally below water. A rabbit welcomed us into the parking area and a seal monitored our progress along the beach from his rocky perch... while a second seal basked in the near sunshine farther away. Starfish, anemone and sand dollars galore. Whatever streams crossed the sand (and there appeared to be more than usual) were so shallow they had no affect on our stroll. Still no hobbits spotted on the way up the the highway, but I felt their beady eyes watching us. We snacked at the beaver pond, lunched at the meadow, tried not to step on salamanders along the China Creek loop and creekside on the way back through the campground. We finished back on the surf and stopped on the way home to check out the tiger lilies at Darlingtonia and to replenish our calorie losses at Alpha Bit.

Thanks to Julie Dorland for driving. Also in the happy wanderer party with me were Joan Abel, nonmember Cathy McLaughlin (who just moved back to Eugene from Portland), Lynne Moody and Nancy Whitfield.

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