Eula Ridge

June 1, 2008

Springtime in Paris! The sun, the flowers, the Eiffel Tower. This wasn’t it. It was a cold damp day up the steep Eula Ridge Trail then down The Hardesty Trail. As if the terrain and steepness wasn’t enough, the trail was blocked by multiple downed trees, so it was over some, and under others. It took a while but it was a hardy group and we enjoyed our little saunter to the summit. The Hardesty Trail was free of downed timber, and was a welcome relief on our descent.

Hikers were members: Chrissy Anderson, Denise Butler, Mardel Chinburg, Daphne James, Richard Romm (leader) and Elle Weaver; and nonmembers: Michael Cooper, Jerry Goodnough, Ron Swisher and Kathleen Wilkowski.

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